Friday, May 29, 2009

#19 Chapter 6:12-16 Jesus goes away to pray..

The one verse that really gets my attention here was verse 12.
Jesus went away from the people to pray..

This is something I struggle with...making time to get away so I can spend time with the Lord.

Everyday life just seems to come and take over...People are important, and I do need to be available to help others, but if I never take time-out like Jesus did...I'm not going to be able to stay strong, or get the direction I need for my life.

We see here that Jesus came back and began picking His disciples. Could it be that, that is what He was praying about? Could He have been discussing with His Father who to pick?

If so, then that would be a template for my own life...I am to spend time with God to get direction and information I need to do what I need to do...

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Debra said...

I also struggle with finding time to pray and when I do its not very long. But then again I talk to my God all day long about anything. I believe God understands the trouble alot of us have in spending time with Him. So for me it works with me talking to Him at different times of the day. I also believe the amount of time we spend with Him does'nt matter as much as the quality of our time. But I also believe it is a must to spend time with Him everyday.