Tuesday, May 26, 2009

#22 Chapter 6:24-26 Jesus pronounces woes..

He is not saying He wants us to be poor or hungry or unhappy. He wants to pour out blessings on us..pressed down..shaken together and running over..

However, if we allow riches, or worldly things to become the priorities over our relationship with the Lord, or the things of God, we are "poor" and "malnourished" spiritually speaking.

Of course we are to be good, loving, law-abiding citizens, but if the world doesn't see us as set-apart from the "worldly" things then we are no different, and our Christianity is irrelevant..

I know this may sound weird, but if there aren't people in our lives who are making fun of us, or persecuting us in some way because of the choices we are making to walk our walk; live righteous lives, then we are really not living an authentic Christian life.

We are "in" this world, but we are not to live "like" the world...

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