Thursday, May 28, 2009

#20 Chapter 6:17-19 Jesus heals a Great Mulitude.

I see here another benefit of Jesus spending time with His Father...
He came back not only making crucial decisions about His ministry (picking His disciples), but refreshed and empowered to heal the great multitude of people..
Something else I've noticed throughout scripture is that He healed them ALL. Every single person that came to Him believing got what they came for. Every single time.
It says here that a "Great Multitude" came to Him. This probably meant that thousands of people were there.
I believe that healing for every single person, every single time is still available to us today just like it was when He walked the earth...That anointing is still being offered today, but many no longer believe...Why?
So many remain sick and oppressed by the devil in today's world, but it doesn't need to be that way..
He came to heal us in every way...Spiritually...Emotionally and Physically..

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Debra said...

Jesus is so great. Healing all those people. I believe He still heals us by His touch thru other people. After my heart-attack, my group laid hands on me and while praying for me I felt the strangest sensation surge thru my body. So I know first hand that He still lays His precious hands on us thru other people. God is good.