Tuesday, June 2, 2009

#16 Chapter 5:27-32. Jesus calls Matthew (Levi)

I bet Matthew, also known as Levi, was watching all this going on...He had to know about Jesus, probably had heard Him teaching because when Jesus came by and said "Come, follow me", there was no hesitation...he got up and went.

Matthew was a tax collector. Tax collectors were considered to be one of the worst kind of sinners. As they went about their jobs of collecting taxes they were probably not very nice, and even known to take more than what was required by law, so they could put a little in their pockets...taking advantage of the people...

They were probably as popular then as IRS agents are today...not very welcomed when coming to audit our tax returns..
So when Jesus wanted to have anything to do with these kinds of people..the holier-than-thou religious folks didn't like it.
As I go about my life, I wander how many times I have, for whatever reason, snubbed someone because they were considered sinners?...Do I treat all people equally?...or am I just nice to those who meet my "acceptable" standard?

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Debra said...

Acepting people for who they are, is sometimes hard for me. Which is crazy cause after all, I want to be accepted also. I was snubbed by childern in school, which made it hard for me to trust people. As I got older I found myself being accepted by the mis-fits, the bad kids ect. But since I have been saved Im accepted by all sorts of people, or maybe its because I've learned to trust again. I have befriended people I at one time considered "not my type". When you have the love of God in you it pours out of you into all kinds of people. I've learned to love again. I'm by far not perfect at it. At least 10 times a day I have to stop myself of thinking wrong thoughts of people. But at least I'm trying. And it"s all because of Jesus.