Monday, June 1, 2009

#17 Chapter 5:33-39 Jesus questioned about Fasting

According to the Old Covenent the rules about fasting were stringent. And the Pharcees were really hungup on the rules...Do this..Don't do that!

So when they approached Jesus to ask Him why He wasn't following the "rules" He responded by telling them a parable.

I remember reading this parable many years ago and having no idea what all the fuss was about wineskins...What did wineskins have to do with fasting?

Overtime, I have come to realize Jesus wasn't "really" talking about wine, or wineskins at all.

He was talking about how wrong it is to try and mix mens traditions (man-made rules and regulations) with the way God really wants us to live our lives.

He was also making reference to how hard it was going to be for the Pharcees and Saduccess to break with all their old tradtions and follow His New Covenant which freed men from all the law and the rules that came with it.
I wander in what ways am I'm following some kind of "rule" that's really not backed up in scripture...or what have I rejected because "it's just not done that way" according to tradition?

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Debra said...

Well I have always been one for breaking rules. But in the process never made new ones. There are so many rules in this world and in the Bible. But today I try to abide by rules and laws. If I hadnt been saved there is alot of stuff i would still be doing, which at the time i didnt think was a big deal like littering, for example, I dont do it anymore.
But more importantly I yearn to learn Gods rules or should I say His ways. I have a long road ahead of me in learning the Bible ect but with the help I get from my Lord and you, Donna and others, it wont be so hard or lonley doing it.