Saturday, June 6, 2009

#13 Chapter 5:1-11 Miraculous catch of fish..

Read Chapter 5:1-11...then come back.

Jesus not only taught in the synagogues, but also out among the people. In today's vernacular we might call it a "street ministry". Out where people lived and worked.
I wander what Jesus had been teaching? About faith?...maybe persistence? and by Him asking Simon Peter to throw out his nets again was a way to make a point?

In any case, Peter, James and John had already given up for the day...they hadn't caught a thing and were probably discouraged, tired, smelly and just ready to go get some rest.

So here comes Jesus, steps into the boat and says " Try again boys!".....and can't you just see Peter rolling his eyes and thinking "This guy may be a good teacher, and I know He can heal people, but I'M the fisherman...I know what I'm doing".

I can see him being all cocky and just to show he knows what he's talking about throws out the nets expecting absolutely nothing to happen and all of a sudden the fish start jumping in the many it almost sunk the boat!! Wow!

Peter got down off his high-horse pretty fast and finally realize what a fool he had made of himself. He finally realizes that Jesus was not only a good teacher, but that He has authority over sickness, disease and demons and now finds out He also has authority over nature... even fish obey Him!

I can see the smile on Jesus' face when He says..."Come on boys and I will make you fishers of men"!!

My thoughts...

I wander how many times Jesus has told me to "try again"...and I've missed a miracle because I quit?

How many times have I given up because what He told me to do just didn't make any sense to me, so I missed a miracle?

This story taught me to be like Peter...even though something doesn't make any sense to me I need to simply obey because nothing is impossible for the Lord.
What did this story teach you?

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